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On the occasion of the last day of the International Conference on Political Foundation

The international conference “Political Foundations in Europe: Mobilising Citizens and Raising Political Culture” has taken place in Ljubljana.

Institute Novum and Institute Dr. Jože Pučnik are seeking to include political foundations in the revisions to the Law on Political Parties.

»There are two jobs which require no education: parents and politicians. And both have a fateful influence on the future of every society.«

With regards to the above quote, a two-day international conference, organised by the European Liberal Forum and Institute Novum under the title “Political Foundations in Europe: Mobilising Citizens and Raising Political Culture”, took place in Ljubljana. During the opening session on the first day, the participants were addressed by Felicita Medved, President of the European Liberal Forum, and Tamara Vonta, State Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister of the RS.

The Thursday event concluded with a round table on the subject of political foundations in Slovenia. State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Renata Zatler, M.A., presented the draft amendment to the Law on Political Parties, the purpose of which is to establish additional mechanisms in order to promote greater transparency of financing of political parties. Bernard Brščič, M.A., President of the Board of the Institute Dr. Jože Pučnik, added that Slovenian democracy needs political culture: »What raising political culture also means is that one can exchange opinions around the same table with other participants, who may not share one’s own ideology.«

Sebastjan Pikl, Director of the Slovenian Institute Novum, pointed out the need for political parties to devote more of their own budgets to the development of new political ideas and the education of their staff and less to marketing and political campaigns.

The second day of the conference hosted Prof. Danica Fink Hafner of the Faculty of Social Sciences who lectured on the subject of policy analysis. Afterwards, the participants, led by Robert Benjamin of the National Democratic Institute (USA) and Peter Altmiks of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany), explored the policies and roles of political foundations through successful case studies.

The conference was organised by the Institute Novum (Slovenia) and the European Liberal Forum, with the support of the following foundations: the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany), the Academy of Liberalism (Estonia), the Democratic Initiative Foundation (the Netherlands), and the Liberal Future Forum (Austria).