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Thursday, October 10th 2013

Morning Plenary Session

8:20 Registration and welcome coffee

9:00 Address by the organisers

Felicita Medved, President, European Liberal Forum (ELF) 

9:20 Welcome speech

Tamara Vonta, State Secretary, office of the Prime Minister of RS

9:40 Keynote speech: American approach to political foundations and democracy support

Robert Benjamin, Senior Associate and Regional Director, National Democratic Institute

First panel session

10:00 Panel I: Policy Changes in addressing European Future

Lousewies van der Laan, Vice-President, ALDE
Donald J Pohoryles, Liberal Future Forum, Austria
Andreja Škrabec, President of the Party Council, Zares – Social Liberals, Slovenia
Denis Gratz, President, Naša stranka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Moderated by: Felicita Medved, Researcher

11:30 Coffee break

11:50 Presentation: Monitoring European Political Foundations

Enrico Calossi - European University Institute, Italy

Second panel session

12:40 Panel II: The role of political foundations and Think Tanks: any effect on political decision making?

Susanne Hartig, Director, European Liberal Forum, Belgium
Jelena Milić, Director, CEAS, Serbia
Ana Radičević, Resident Program Manager, NDI, Sarajevo
Bojan Maricik, Senior Researcher, Macedonian Centre for European Training

Moderated by: Alenka Krašovec Faculty for social sciences, UL

14:00 Lunch Break

Third panel session

15:00 Panel III: National Political Foundations in democracy support

Davor Gjenero, Political Analyst, Head of the Council of Experts of Political Academy, HNS, Croatia
Peter Altmiks, Researcher, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Germany
Rain Rosimannus, Director, Liberalismi Akademia, Estonia
Frank van Mil, Director, Hans van Mierlo Foundation, the Netherlands

Moderated by: Giulio Ercolessi

16:20 Coffee break

Fourth panel discussion

16:40 Panel IV: Political foundations in Slovenia

Gregor Virant, Minister of the Interior, President, Državljanska lista, Slovenia
Uroš Gruden, Secretary General, Zares – Social Liberals, Slovenia
Bernard Brščič, President of the Board, Institute Dr. Jože Pučnik, Slovenia
Sebastjan Pikl, Director, Institute Novum, Slovenia

Moderated by: Nataša Briški

18:30 Refreshments and conclusion of the event

Event moderated by: Aljaž Pengov Bitenc

Event is going to be held in Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana


Friday, 11th October

9:00 Arrivals and welcome coffee

9.30 Introduction to Policy Analysis (workshop)

Danica Fink Hafner, Faculty for Social Science UL (tbc)

11:30 Policy Pesearch and Political Foundations: Different Approach, Same Goal (Case Studies)

Robert Benjamin, Senior Associate and Regional Director, NDI, USA
Peter Altmiks, Researcher, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Germany

13:30 Conclusion of the event

Workshop is going to be held in Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre