In the light of the growing global economic crisis and the need to present a new development model, that would bring more socially and ecologically sustainable solutions, three partners decided to organize an international conference on Social Entrepreneurship in Slovenia.

The conference »Social entrepreneurship: A vector of Change in the EU« is a great opportunity to combine future challenges and established good practices throughout the European Union and in the South East Europe region. Social entrepreneurship is offering new solutions with synergies between social, economical and ecological streams for an innovative modern society that should be carefully taken into our consideration.

The honourable supporter of the conference, which is going to be held on April 15th and 16th 2011 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, is the President of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk.

An event organized by the European Liberal Forum asbl (ELF) and Institute Novum with the support of CatDem and funded by the European Parliament will foster to achieve the aim of the conference: to boost up social entrepreneurship in Slovenia and in the European Union as well as in South East Europe.

Participant should register for attending the conference using this on-line application form.



Social Entrepreneurship: Final report - After a year

Generally, reports on conferences, congresses and other content/issue-oriented events reflect on speeches and discussions during or after the presentations. Our decision was not to take this route, but rather wait for a year before delivering our final report. Why? Because we feel that the best practices, issue debates, presentations and critiques only have a meaning and prove worthy if the transformation they are advocating can be visible in actions and engagement after the event. Only if the messages trigger an aspiration to change, do the cost, networking and hours spent organizing and preparing the event make sense. The “Social Entrepreneurship: A Vector of Change in the EU” conference pointed out several matters, which are going to be highlighted in this report. Quite a lot has been done in the past year in Slovenia and at the level of the European Commission in the field of social economy. Streams of motivation, energy and good will resulted in concrete entrepreneurial start-ups and opened spaces for action. Nevertheless, several important cornerstones for efficient and effective development still lack and wait to be addressed and carefully taken into consideration in the forthcoming period.


Succesfull closure, presentations available

The international conference with more then 120 participants from Slovenia and South East Europe has sucesfully closed on Saturday, April 16th in Ljubljana. After two days of intensive presentations and discussions, participants and distinguished speakers returned to their work with incentives and new ideas for social entrepreneurship. Presentations of the speakers are already available on this web page ("Library), where videos from the conference will be also available soon.