Information about the international conference on UBI


The international conference »Universal Basic Income: For a New Social Contract in Europe« will start this Thursday on 11th October at 8.00.


The Thursday’s part of the conference, intended for general public, will focus on discussions on UBI and opportunities for the promotion and implementation in Slovenia. Leading theoreticians on UBI and the social welfare state will exchange experiences on this topic. Among the keynote speakers will be: prof. Philippe Van Parijs, world’s authority on UBI; prof. Guy Standing, co-founder of BIEN and professor, and Klaus Sambor, BIEN Austria. Slovenian experts and academicians will also present their views, among them prof.  Jože Mencinger, dr. Valerija Korošec, mag. Bernard Brščič.  prof. Ivan Svetlik, dr. Andreja Črnak-Meglič,  dr. Igor Pribac, dr. Andrej Rus, prof. Tine Stanovnik.


The Thursday’s part of the conference will start half an hour earlier as it was first planned. Instead at 9.00 we will open a conference at 8.30. Of course half an hour before the official start of the conference the participants will be invited for a cup of coffee or tea.


The Friday’s part of the conference will be devoted to the meeting of Slovenian Section for Universal Basic Income. They will discuss on the European Citizens' Initiative for UBI in Slovenia and future work section.


The conference, which will take place at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention in the “Urška” hall, which is located on the 2nd floor, just above the main entrance. For more information on the venue please click here.


The programme of the conference is available here.


Looking forward to meet you!

Institute Novum