The conference will be organized by European Liberal Forum and Slovene Institute for strategic and applicable research Novum, with the support of Projekt:Polska, Poland.

The programme council of the conference includes high-profile Slovenian and European decision makers, professors, politicians and activists.

Institute Novum

The NOVUM Institute is a non-profit, educational and policy research organization established in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its aims include support to political decision-making, democracy promotion, to foster public dialogue, communicating new policy ideas and developing new methods and approaches in political advertising. The Institute pursues high standard of research and discourse. Through its activities which range from conceptual studies, public education, to administrative and technical assistance, the Institute contributes to the stock of knowledge available to political parties, policy-makers and the interested public in Slovenia and abroad.

European Liberal Forum

Founded in the fall of 2007, the European Liberal Forum, asbl (ELF) is the non-profit European political foundation of the liberal family. ELF brings together liberal think tanks, political foundations and institutes from around Europe to observe, analyse and contribute to the debate on European public policy issues and the process of European integration, through education, training, research and the promotion of active citizenship within the EU.

Foundation Project: Poland

The mission of the Project: Poland is to bring together experts and young leaders to promote public policy solutions for Poland based on free market, free society, European values and the rule of law. Foundation thinks that public life in Poland needs more “project” and constructive ways of thinking. Foundation wants to give young professionals and business people, which entered the market in 1989, the chance to get involved in public issues and civil society and to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation. The main goal of the foundation is to initiate changes in Poland with the help of professionals, think tanks and projects which are promoted by civic actions of their partners.